School Council


The aim of the School Council is to take into account the voices of every child of Causeway Green Primary School.  The councillors listen to their classes opinions, concerns and ideas and then bring them to meetings which take place every Monday morning.  The council help raise money for our school fund and other charities and make our school an exciting and fun environment to support our learning.

We Aim To:

  • Ensure our school is a happy and safe place for ALL children.
  • Give a place where children can voice their concerns and opinions.
  • Listen to the children's ideas and opinions on improving their school.
  • Listen to the children's ideas and opinions on reward events and fundraising.

Welcome to our School Councillors...

Year 2 - Aurora & Jordan

Year 3 - Gracie & Zac

Year 4 - Christopher & Niveen

Year 5 - Casey-Leigh & Evie

Year 6 - Aamina & Joshua

"Our impact I enjoy the most is the fundraisers " - Ethan

"It has helped me meet new friends from other year groups, my favourite event was No Rules Day." - Maya

"It has helped me gain confidence by speaking out loud to my class and teacher. My favourite event was the No Rules Day." - Sophia-Rose

"My favourite event was the Jubilee Party. It has helped me to voice my opinion and it will be listened to by Mrs Cole " - Olivia