Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning?

At Causeway Green Primary School, we believe Outlearning Learning offers a valuable context for learning.  We endeavour to take learning outdoors, whenever possible, to enhance and enrich learning opportunities across the whole curriculum.  We love taking our learning outside and all children access weekly learning outside the classroom and outdoor learning opportunities.  Outdoor learning can have a positive impact on engagement and behaviour as the children will be more active and motivated in their learning.

Vision for Outdoor Learning

  • Pupils will regularly take part in outdoor learning in lessons across the curriculum
  • Curriculum links offer real life hands-on experiences to help pupils make connections
  • Opportunities are provided for pupils to take on a challenge
  • Pupils will develop an understanding of nature and showing care and respect for our local environment

Outdoor Learning enables our pupils to develop skills in teamwork and communication through collaborative learning.  It promotes personal, social and emotional wellbeing, developing self-confidence and raises self-esteem.

The benefits of outdoor learning will have a positive impact on pupils in many ways:

  • Developing resilience
  • Fostering emotional literacy
  • Building cooperation skills
  • Developing social and leadership skills
  • Encouraging self-awareness
  • Developing imagination and creativity

Outdoor Learning kit includes:

  • Warm clothes e.g full length combats or jogging trousers, long sleeved t-shirt, jumper or shirt
  • Wellies or moonboots
  • Extra socks (for after sessions, in case of wet feet)
  • Gloves, hat and scarf
  • Coat - waterproof and windproof
  • Waterproof trousers - weather permitting