School Meals


Welcome to school meals at Causeway Green. We use an external school meal provider called Dolce.  

Dolce offer online main meal pre-order in primary schools.  Orders are accessed by a touchscreen in the kitchen, giving quantities and weigh outs.  Dishes are cooked to order and pupils press their name on the touchscreen, telling the cook who they are, what they ordered and identifying dishes they can not have.  When a meal is served, the cook presses a pedal which adjusts the pupils account.

Orders can be placed online from home or on the move via the online app.  You can order up to 9.15am on any given day or as far in advance as a whole term.  Please note that any orders placed from home are final and cannot be changed in the classroom.

What if my child has allergies?

The sophisticated allergen blocking system recognises the 13 major allergens.  Once you have selected which allergens apply, the system will prevent any unsafe meals from being ordered for your child.  Please note that it is parents responsibility to inform school grid of any allergens their child may have.

Am I entitled to Free School Meals?

If your child is in Reception / KS1 then you are entitled to Universal Free School meals.  This will automatically be set up on your account as free, all the other features can be used a normal.

If you child is in Nursery / KS2 you may still be entitled to Free School Meals, please fill out a form available from the school office or contact Sandwell Council to find out if you are eligible.

Please go to for more information and to view the weekly menu. 

Healthy Eating Recipe Booklet 

Please see the menu below applicable from 17th April 2023 onwards.  Copies are available from the school office.